Last Update : 29 December 2005 

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1. Introduction

Coderis is a story based tetris clone with additional features. Player takes the role of a hacker who leads a rebel task force against the alien invaders in order to save the earth. Player hacks the computers and mainframes by finding the access codes. Access codes can be found by placing the tetris blocks properly.

2. The Story


Local News: "The Prime Ministry says - This is the day which all the impossibilities for the mankind disappeared. It can move, it can talk, it can respond and it can even think by its free will emulation. That's amazing."


International Reports: "The greatest dream ot the mankind just came true. They have already given a name for it:


The announcement of the Defence Minister: "At this time, we have produced over 100.000 Humanoids which are used for various porpuses."


International News: "...these Humanoids. The world is being a better place to live day after day. The crime rate is highly decreasing, the pollution is no more and..."


NASA Reports: "... great success. The mankind finally built a colony on Mars. 80 scientist are going to fly up to colony by a special designed craft. This journey to..."


NASA Reports: "...We have lost contact with the colony on Mars..."


International News: "The NASA cannot hide the truth forever. Why don"t they tell us what happened on Mars?"


NASA Press Agency: "...This is very unusual and is also very hard to say; but we could be under threatment by a kind of an alien rage. They have unfortunately destroyed our colony..."


Local News: "...Panic on world. The United Nations decided to turn all the Humanoids into war machines at their extra-ordinary meeting..."


The announcement of The United Nations: "Unfortunately, the alien strike has began in South Africa. They deny our all requests of audience. 5000 Humanoids are defending..."


The announcement of The Prime Ministry: "We have successfully neutralized the enemy attack waves so far. But they are still attacking and their attacks are beginning to be more powerful. What could be worse?"


International News: "...TERRIBLE NEWS!!! The three mainframes of humaniod systems have been hacked by alien forces. The Humanoids are now AGAINST US."


The announcement of The United Nations: "We must quickly build a special force to rehack the mainframes and take the control of our androids back or our race will come to an end."


International News: "...The aliens and the machines are destroying us together. Many deaths..."


International News: "...and many more deaths..."

This is the summary of mankind's last 40 years -from 2014 to 2054-. The scientists now called that day "Doomsday".

The goverments selected only the best for the special force. Your goverment has selected you. The team must take the androids back and find a way to stop this alien invasion.

3. How to Play

The game can be played in two languages, English and Turkish. Unless the user locale is Turkey, the game will start in English. After the story introduction scene you will see the main menu. You can use up and down arrow keys to navigate and enter key to select an option.

New Game
Select this option to start a new game. A textbox that requests your name will appear. Your game is saved to a file with your name when you lose the game. If you enter a name already exists you"ll be warned and another box will appear for you to confirm to overwrite the existing game.

Load Game
When you select this option a new selection box will appear that shows the saved games if available. You can select your saved game using up arrow, down arrow and enter keys. If the selected saved game is already finished, a new selection box will appear for you to choose a starting level. You can also delete a saved game by pressing the delete key and exit to the main menu by pressing the esc key.

You can access the options menu by selecting this option. In this menu you can choose the language, set keyboard sensivitiy and turn the music on and off. Keyboard sensivity can be set using the plus and minus keys on the numpad during the gameplay. Also you can turn the music on and off by pressing the M key.

You can see the top ten scores by selecting this option. By pressing the delete key you can reset the hiscore table.

Select this option to see the people who exerted themselves for this project.

This option exits the game and returns to Windows.You can also use the F12 key (the boss key) anytime to exit the game immediately.

4. The Game

The objective of the game is, like other tetris clones, to manipulate falling code blocks to form horizontal rows of blocks. When horizontal rows of blocks are formed they will disappear to solve the access codes.

The gameplay screen is basically divided into three parts:


The level being played and the codes solved are shown on the left side. The playfield limited by laser lines is on the middle. Game time, next code block, score and activated bonuses are displayed on the right.

The falling block can be moved to left and right by the left and right arrow keys. It can be rotated by pressing the up arrow key and falling speed can be increased by the down arrow key. Left-handed players can also use the A, D, W and S keys.

* The game can be paused using the P key.
* Keyboard sensivity can be set using the plus and minus keys on the numpad.
* In game music can be turned on and off using the M key.
* The Esc key ends the game.
* F12 key can be used to exit the game and return to Windows immediately. Your game will NOT be saved when you use this key.

You can get points when you:
1. Press the down arrow or S key to increase the speed of the falling block,
2. Clear one or more lines.

Fast Code Bonus: If you play the game fast enough by increasing the speed of the falling block, fast code bonus will be acitivated and the points you get when you increase the speed of the falling block will be doubled as long as this bonus is active.

Optimised Code Bonus: When you clear four lines simultaneously, optimised code bonus will be activated. It will remain active for a while and the points you get when you clear the lines will be doubled.

Clean Code Bonus: This is a bonus very hard to activate. When you clear all the playfield this bonus will be acitvated and all points you get will be multiplied by 4. This bonus will remain active until the level ends.

5. Installation & Support

Run the install file and follow the instructions on the screen.

The game should run as intended on a computer with Celeron equivalent cpu, 32MB free memory, TNT2 equivalent GPU with 32MB memory and requires 50 MB of hard drive space. It is strongly recommended that latest OpenGL drivers are installed.

If you have any problems with running or playing the game, please let us know. Send us an e-mail :

6. Credits

Design & Programming : M. Emre TÜRE
Original Gameplay Idea : Alexey PAJITNOV
Story : M. Enes TÜRE
Sound FX & Musics : M. Enes TÜRE
In-game Graphics : M. Emre TÜRE
Story Graphics : Engin KIRMIZI
Lead Tester : Korkut SABANCI
Special Thanks to : Ertan DEMIRALP & Abdullah YAMAN

(C) 2005 Metin Emre TÜRE