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1 - Two years for a tetris clone ? What took so long ?
Yes, actually for professional developers it is a project that will take a few weeks to complete. We planned to launch the game last year. We anounced the second beta on October,2004. But we are all hobbyists and have different jobs. We had to pause the project frequently due to our hard works. Besides we nearly cancelled the project twice.
2 - Why a tetris clone ? It would be better something similar to Half Life ...
We are amateurs. We started lots of incompleted projects before. When we questioned its reasons we have found that those projects were unplanned and they were started without appropiate know-how. We explored game development websites and decided to make a tetris clone as the developers recommended.
3 - Why do game developers recommend a tetris clone ?
It might seem to be a simple game but for a programmer tetris contains all the game elements that other games do. Initializing a full-screen window, associating device context with the graphics API, allocating, loading and freeing game resources, user interface, user input, playing sound effects and music, game loop are examples to these elements. In addition in this game there are not much graphics, you don't need an artist to complete the project. Besides playing tetris is fun.
4 - Did it worth the effort anyway ?
Yes, it did. The most important thing means to us is it is a completed project. It gives us a great pleasure that cannot be easily told. Besides we wanted a different tetris clone that tetris fans never experienced before. We added a story and supported it with intro and outro scenes. We made some additions to the game parallel to the story. We wanted the game has a goal.
5 - You said that beta version was released last year. Why did it take so long to release the final version and why did the project was almost cancelled twice ?
When we decided to support the story with graphics we searched for an artist who will make some drawing for free. Due to his and my lack of free time we had to pause the project for a long period of time. That period was so long that we intended to cancel the project.
And before that after i had compeleted the first beta, i sent the project to our tester but then i had to pause the project due to lack of my free time. When i decided to continue i saw that everything was so disorganised that it was impossible to resume. I was thinking to cancel but i decided to grab a pen and a notebook, wrote a design document and started over everything form the beginning.
Besides sonud effects and musics were prepared diligently. They were mixed and mastered again and again that caused a slight delay.
6 - So, how did you make the game, what tools did you use ?
The game is written in C/C++ and compiled using MinGW compiler. We used Parinya Thipchart's free MinGW Developer Studio as an IDE. The graphics API is OpenGL and the sound API is fmod. For graphics we used PhotoImpact and for musics and sound effects we used Cubase SX and Wavelab.
7 - Is Coderis completely free ?
Yes, Coderis is a completely free game. You may distribute it freely as it is without making any changes.
8 - Is it possible to download the source codes ?
No, you may find much better source codes if you search the internet. I'm not a professional programmer and i don't want to mislead newbies.
9 - What are the minimum system requirements to run the game ?
The game should run as intended on a computer with Celeron equivalent cpu, 32MB free memory, TNT2 equivalent GPU with 32MB memory and requires 50 MB of hard drive space. It is strongly recommended that latest OpenGL drivers are installed.
10 - The 7th level is too hard. Is there any cheats to complete this level ?
There are no cheats in the game. We have already decreased the difficulty of this level in version 1.0. However, if you still find the levels too hard, contact us and we will send you a saved game of a player who already completed the game.
11 - What is this saved game and how will i use it ?
When a player completes all levels, he may choose a starting level when (s)he loads his/her game. This saved game belongs to a player who already completed the game. When you copy this file to the game folder and load its game, you can choose a starting level.
12 - In the 10th level although i solve all the codes, level doesn't end and there is a counter in the playfield. Why ?
The goal of the last level ,in opposite to the other levels, is not to solve the codes but to protect the codes for a period of time. When the counter reaches zero the game will be completed.

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