Last Update : 29 December 2005 

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Coderis, a different tetris clone

Coderis is one of my projects which took almost two years to complete.
It is based on the classic tetris game but has some additional features.
Some of them are:
- Story based, 10 different levels,
- Game saving and loading features in order to resume current game,
- Special features added to standart tetris for more excitement,
- 24-bit, 96k digitally mastered soundtracks,
- Ambiant sound effects
and much more for you to discover.
In this game Player takes the role of a hacker who leads a rebel task force against the alien invaders in order to save the earth.
The Story

In the early of 21st century, after a long researching period, an android prototype powered by an ultimate free will emulation software was developed in order to make the life better. It could move, it could talk, it could react and even it could decide.

With the overconfidence which was resulted by this achievement, mankind attempted to make another dream come true. With the assisstance of the andreoids a colony on Mars was established.
Everything went perfect until the colony was destroyed...

You can get the latest version of the game from the download section.

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